Kelly OCG (Intel)

Operations Manager • Feb, 2017 — Present

Operations manager for Kelly OCG at Intel in Folsom. Leading a team of engineers and technicians that provide validation support for the VPG group at Intel.

  • Developed and maintained a top producing team
  • Provided emulation and simulation support
  • Automation and scripting with Python, Powershell, Bash

IT Consulting

Consultant • Jun, 2016 — Present

IT consulting services for SMB's.

  • Website Design and Maintenance
  • Email Setup and Configuration with SPAM Filtering
  • Security Auditing

Entrust IT Solutions

Senior IT Consultant • Oct, 2012 — May, 2016

Serviced multiple clients monitoring over 1200 nodes using N-able, Cacti, Nagios, and other network monitoring tools.

  • Maintain updates, maintenance, upgrades for desktops and servers
  • Email and SPAM filtering
  • Local and cloud data backup and replication
  • Antivirus and antimalware service and support
  • Office 365, email, and cloud migrations
  • Build and maintain networks

Education & Certifications

American River College

American River College • 2012 — 2014

Accumulated over 54 credits and finished Calculus 1


Network+ • Nov 2016 — Nov 2019

Certification Link



Hired coached, trained, and developed employees. Experienced in directing teams to reach an objective or outcome.


Full understanding of the 7 Layer OSI model and protocols - Ethernet, TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, SMB, DNS, DHCP, SNMP, FTP, SSH, SMTP, VPN, PPTP, L2TP, IPsec, SSL

Automation and Scripting

Workflow automation and scripting using Python, Powershell, and BASH. E.g Email automation and alerts, automatically update CSV and Excel files

Web Development

Custom website hosting and design. Technologies Summary - HTML, CSS, XML, WordPress, Google Analytics


Packs for Cold Backs

CTO • 2015 — Present

Packs for Cold Backs is a nonprofit 501(c) organization that was founded in Sacramento. I created and manage the website packsforcoldbacks.org and all other IT aspects

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